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Renewals Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when it's time to renew my domain name?

There are two ways to determine when your domain name is up for renewal. The first is to sign in to your control panel and access the "Domains" option. The second is to perform a WHOIS search.

We will also automatically e-mail you shortly before your domain is to expire. It is important that the administrative contact e-mail address on your domain is correct or you may miss this notice and lose the domain. You may use either of the two above methods to check the administrative e-mail addres.

Can I renew my domain name before the term is up?

Yes. You can renew your domain name at any time during its term. In fact this is advisable, as services will stop working on the expiry date. You can also renew it for years ahead - currently the limit is 10 year.

How much does a domain name renewal cost?

The fee for renewal is the same as for a domain registration. Each provides you with one year's use of the domain. Please see our domain pricing page as this cost varies depending on the TLD (e.g. .com)

How will you notify me that my domain name needs to be renewed?

E-mail is the most popular method of contact for notifying registrants that their domain name need to be renewed. As such, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the contact information listed in the whois database for your domain name is correct.

Is it possible to transfer my domain name registration from another registrar to Sargasso Networks and renew it through you instead?

Yes. You will however need to initiate a registrar transfer of your domain name in order to renew it through us. By transferring your domain name to Sargasso Networks you are automatically renewing it for 1-year as well.

i.e. If your domain name currently has 45 days to expiration, transferring it to Sargasso will add 1 year to your current expiration date and leave you with 1 year and 45 days to expiration.

Please note that you will need to transfer the domain to us before it expires. Please see our transfer FAQ.

My domain name has just expired, is it still possible to renew it?

Once a domain name expires, there is a registry-dependent "grace period" within which a renewal is still possible. After the grace period has run out however, you will not be able to renew your domain name. The domain will be deleted and made available for the general public to register. You may be able to register your domain name again, provided another party does not register it before you, however if your domain has ever received any traffic it is likely to be snapped up immediately by a speculator.

See our description of the expiry process, linked from the bottom of this document, for more information.

What happens if I don't renew my domain name?

If you do not renew it, your domain name will be deleted from the main registry and will stop working. It will then be deleted and will become available for any other interested party to register.

I renewed a domain in error, can I reverse it?

A renewal transaction is final, and cannot, under any circumstances, be cancelled. Please be sure that you fully understand this before you attempt any domain renewals. We have no means of retrieving money from the registry for domain years purchased through renewals, and so we cannot refund customers who renew names in error.

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